Russian Girls dive under trains.

So when bungee jumping, skydiving, base jumping, hang gliding, and extreme rock climbing isn't enough, you can always count on stupid people to find other ways to threaten their lives for sport. At least the before mentoned activities have safety procedures. But these dumb-ass russian girls are taking retarded to another level. 

"Training" is what the kids are doing these days. Apparently the rules are...lay flat under a speeding train and try not to die. And you can't do it too early or else the conductor might stop the train. And if you do it too lose. 

Seriously if this girl were to die there would be a very minimal amount of sympathy. Probably less than the guy who jumped over TWO fences with signs on them that said "DO NOT 
JUMP" and got his head taken off by the Batman ride [phillyd]. 

And just to show you how scary this sh1t is.


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