My new guilty pleasure

So after I finally decided to give Drake a chance. I downloaded the So Far Gone mixtape. Now like most people I wasn't blown away, but I did decide to accept him. Wel...It's not even that he's wack. Its just that when everybody likes something/somebody I always shy away from it. I don't know why its just how I am. But getting back on track. I was bored and thought it would be funny to see Drake in his true medium...Degrassi. So I watched a couple of episodes online. I watched the whole saga where Aubrey's character gets shot and put in a wheelchair. Pretty deep stuff. So anyway...I ended up getting into the show. Everyday this week I've watched it whenever it comes on. Its pretty odd seing as how I used to loathe Degrassi. Why? Because back in the day, everybody was on its dick. But I now officially deem it cool to like Degrassi. Hell I might go buy some episodes on DVD. Tru shit.


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