Islanders Don't Play No Games!

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I'll be vacationing here sooner than later. Pshh.. I might be one of the people in the video!
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T-Wayne - He Raps He Sings It's T-Wayne

 Just in time for the release of the bromance film I Love You, Man (close enough), T-Wayne, hop's own Beavis & Butthead (Starsky & Hutch, Spongebob & Patrick, Ren & Stimpy. I got a million here folks) drop a track straight outta bizarro world. T-Pain spits hot fire Dylan style while his BFF Wayne gets his Usher Raymond on.

I always wondered what the hell he had that T-shirt for.

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Banned Family Guy Scene

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Any one who knows me knows I adore Family Guy. If you want the key to my heart get something that has to do with it, anyways back on topic, I thought this video was funny just because it exposed some people that needed it.

- Simms Out.
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J.Cole - I Get Up

I was sleeping on this dude till he started poppin up everywhere. So I decided to give him a shot. Turns out (of course) dude is fire. 

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Asher Roth - Family Man

Asleep in the Bread Aisle - 4/20.
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Method Man -ThisIs50 freestyle

Meth comes through G-Unit radio and spits his weed-loving ass off. Can't wait for that Blackout 2.

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Jadakiss feat. Raekwon & Ghostface Killah - Cartel Gathering x Fall Out Boy - America’s Suitehearts (rmx) f. Joe Budden, 88-Keys & Murs

Fall Out Boy - America’s Suitehearts (rmx) f. Joe Budden, 88-Keys & Murs

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New Balance MT576S BAMBOO RAKE

New Balance is going super hard on the collabs in 09.

Combining the upper of one of New Balance’s favorites, the 576 and the midsole of a cult-classic MT580, the latest franken-sneaker to emerge out of New Balance is the MT576S. The shoe created as a collaborative effort between FRAT and mita sneakers features a number of noteworthy features. A glow-in-the-dark upper features various embroideries on the heel and tongue area as well as a mesh forefoot midsole. Available at mita on April 4th, 2009.

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Russian Girls dive under trains.

So when bungee jumping, skydiving, base jumping, hang gliding, and extreme rock climbing isn't enough, you can always count on stupid people to find other ways to threaten their lives for sport. At least the before mentoned activities have safety procedures. But these dumb-ass russian girls are taking retarded to another level. 

"Training" is what the kids are doing these days. Apparently the rules are...lay flat under a speeding train and try not to die. And you can't do it too early or else the conductor might stop the train. And if you do it too lose. 

Seriously if this girl were to die there would be a very minimal amount of sympathy. Probably less than the guy who jumped over TWO fences with signs on them that said "DO NOT 
JUMP" and got his head taken off by the Batman ride [phillyd]. 

And just to show you how scary this sh1t is.

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This is by far one of the funniest videos I've ever seen... The fact that someone would take the time to treat a ticket so harshly.. Exemplifies (look it up if you cannot comprehend) just how crazy this world is.

EDIT: Man, that's nonsense Simss saying. Anybody who know Chi-City knows that that ticket got what it had coming to it. 
He did what he had to do to fight for mines and your rights. SHY-SILLY GOT JUSTICE!! CHI-CITY MAYNE!!!!!!
-Tommy Parker.
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AB The Producer "Producer's Credit"

today i went to a DMV MC Showcase. (i went to see my manz Super Nike Nando McFlyy...but he couldnt make it due to lack of transportation.)

but AB The Producer was there. i knew he made beats but i had NO idea he could spit!

he's nice and i'd advise you to download this mixtape ASAP. you will not be disappointed...

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Where the Wild Things Are

I almost shed tears when I saw this. Its childhood dreams coming true. I think anybody who was ever a kid before should be excited for this movie and if you're not you have no soul (cameron).  Read more

My new guilty pleasure

So after I finally decided to give Drake a chance. I downloaded the So Far Gone mixtape. Now like most people I wasn't blown away, but I did decide to accept him. Wel...It's not even that he's wack. Its just that when everybody likes something/somebody I always shy away from it. I don't know why its just how I am. But getting back on track. I was bored and thought it would be funny to see Drake in his true medium...Degrassi. So I watched a couple of episodes online. I watched the whole saga where Aubrey's character gets shot and put in a wheelchair. Pretty deep stuff. So anyway...I ended up getting into the show. Everyday this week I've watched it whenever it comes on. Its pretty odd seing as how I used to loathe Degrassi. Why? Because back in the day, everybody was on its dick. But I now officially deem it cool to like Degrassi. Hell I might go buy some episodes on DVD. Tru shit.

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Twitter or Facebook?

Myspace is a complete outcast, so I won't even throw that one in there. This "twitter" just came out of no where.. it needs to be addressed. I personally like facebook more, just being honest, but thats probably because I don't understand twitter lol. So is twitter bout to be the next thing the world moves to? I hope not, I'll be like those poor people who still myspace and stay with Facebook. Just lettin you know if you need Simms hit me on facebook, NOT twitter!

- Simms Out.

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T-Pain Golf Cart Accident

I couldn't help but laugh for a couple minutes, then a few more. I'm not that big of a fan of autotune... So maybe that's why I don't have much pity for Mr. Teddy Penderazzdown. Anyways, Mr Penderazzdown was caught in some strange golfing accident, lost more than a dozen teeth and got all kinds of cuts and bruises. He had to cancel appearances for Lil Wayne and Lil Kim and Lil Wayne's "I Am Music Tour" too. Even though he's going to miss the tour, Lil Kim said he'll still be in the clip.
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