Eminem interview with Angela Yee

I was up waitin for this...then I started watchin Degrassi. Waitin on that 3AM to drop. Here's a play-by-play of the interview.

Respects T.I., Wayne, etc. Says that he would work with Wayne (just hasn’t had the time). Dre did the entire album (with the help of Em on We Made You; Em did one other). He picked beats that challenged him (rhythm wise). Every flow is different over unique beats. 3AM (and the album) is on a different vibe of the single. He’s censoring himself less this time around. States that he’s still Eminem (but Slim Shady is back). Relapse 2 will be out at the end of the year (if not finished, it’s extremely close to being done). 50 & Dre are the only guests on Relapse.
Download: PT 1. | PT 2.  | PT. 3 | PT. 4 | Whole damn shabang-bang


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